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Excited Children in Science Class

Our Goals

Our mission is to advocate for our children, parents and school staff while creating activities and events that keep our community engaged.  Our goals are to fundraise diligently and communicate effectively in order to meet our mission.

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Fundraising is our MAIN EVENT.  In order to provide the class trips, school dances, fun days and more at no or low cost, we must raise funds.  Your participation is imperative to our success.  


We have some exciting events lined up.  From paint nights to competitions to game nights, we think this year is going to be the best one yet in School 1's history.  Take a look at our                          page and sign up!

Children coloring
Kids in the Museum

School Trips

Each year we like to provide the students with age appropriate, educational and fun out of school excursions.  During the pandemic we were unable to do so.  We are hoping this year allows us to bring them back with a vengeance!


Our community is where our School 1 staff and students live and thrive.  It is where our students learn to be kind, work hard and expect success.  We are here for you!

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